Saturday, 14 November 2009

...a "Renascence", of sorts.

oh, check me out with my double entendres-aren't I cool?

So, basically I'm sitting here and thinking 'my goddess I have a lot of quotes floating about that I want to consolidate, but I have nowhere to put them-as it is my Bacefook quotes section is overflowing like a pint of Fosters when I get distracted halfway through pulling it...' and then I'm thinking ' know what else? Chasing Songs has become totally redundant with how much I'm using the 'Tube channel now, it's just sitting there stagnating-gosh, my interwebs World is almost as disorganized as my real World these stressful...if only there were some simple solution that could tie these two loose ends together...' get the idea haha. From henceforth, Chasing Songs will be reborn as a quote-plank, where I plonk my quotes; lyrics, quotes from famous folk, quotes from folks I know, poetry, extracts from books, lines from films, et cetera, et cetera. Let's see how this works out, eh? :)

big love

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