Sunday, 15 November 2009

from the inexplicable Science Girl:

(these had to be retired from my overflowing Bacefook quotes section, but they are awesome-however, they do not even scratch the surface of how *awesome* the real Science Girl in fact is)

"Jo, I wish I had a face like yours.."

"Don't turn her around..?"

"Cross my heart and hope to die, guacamole is just a lie."

"It's great, I can be sick all on my own!" (re new (short) haircut haha)

"I'm just gonna sit and stare and think about brioche.."

SG:"Wow, those are like.. really big watches..?"
GG:"Rosie, they're BELTS."

CG:"Rosie why's there an egg in that flowerpot?"
SG:"'s an eggplant!!!"

CG/GG:"you're a tough cookie, Rosie"
SG:"I'm a macaroon!"

I miss you Rosa! And await eagerly a future in which we can once again hang out enough to generate more of this magic haha.

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